Information Governance

IG is the latest buzzword for strategically managing an enterprise’s information assets. It has both strategic and tactical components, but it’s greatest challenge is the enterprise scope and consequent implementation hurdles. For real ROI from invested personnel and technical efforts an organization must take a broad view of information assets while focusing on “low-hanging fruit” projects where benefits from an IG program can accrue most effectively. IG Programs can demonstrate clearly that an organization is taking responsible actions to manage information and technology assets and systems IF the IG Program is planned and implemented in a transparent and credible manner.

The fundamental difference between Information Governance and many other perspectives on managing organizational information is that “governance” implies responsible oversight of information assets in both computer systems and paper files from an aspect of compliance with legal mandates, regulatory expectations and professional standards. For this reason, IG has become a very popular supported “activity” by many professional societies, standards committees, and government agencies that encompasses records management practices, IT systems operations, and the administration of many legal processes that impact organizations. And, as often happens when industry hot issues impact a marketplace where technology products can be found, there are many vendors offering “solutions” to IG challenges.

This fast changing and complex environment requires insights from a variety of sources that are then focused on  cost-effectively implementable solutions targeted at specific settings – your organization’s environment! Or, to put it another way – not all of the currently fashionable big expensive “IG Solutions” will really be what you want for your organization. For assistance in cost-effectively focusing your interests in Information Governance toward your own specific business challenges contact us at

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