About ITD

Information Technology Decisions  provides research, consulting, and educational support to a variety of industries including professional associations, automotive enterprises, software technology producers, architectural & engineering firms, real estate companies, banking institutions, and government agencies.

Primary products and services include:

  • Planning and implementation of comprehensive Electronic Records and Information Management Programs, including program strategies, assessment of inventories, retention schedule appraisal, and evaluating office technology impacts on records systems,
  • Litigation support, working with clients assisting in records holds, litigation team preparation, client records program development, preparation of data maps, law firm software selection, and document workflow management,
  • Decision support in selecting computer software, especially in the areas of electronic recordkeeping systems, electronic document management systems, records management software, document imaging systems, and document archiving software,
  • Strategic technology planning in the areas of records management, off-site records storage, electronic mail management, determining computer records risks, document conversion, computer data migration, and electronic records storage and retrieval,
  • Computer systems implementation and project management, in the areas of software implementation, systems integration, computer policies review, records retention planning, and general computing infrastructure assessments, and

Educational presentations and seminars on managing electronic records, selecting document management software, implementing new computer systems, assessing records compliance risks, determining computer records risks, and assuring that information, data, and document-based resources are properly protected, secured, and preserved.

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