For over 25 years, John Phillips has made a major difference in the ability of many individuals to remain knowledgeable about changing information management methodologies and technologies. He is a management consultant, author, and educator that has assisted clients, given informative presentations, taught seminars, made contributions to professional associations, and authored numerous articles and books. His career illustrates how information management professionals can grow and transition as their work environments and professional opportunities change over time and the scope of their professional activities increasingly includes electronic systems. He has worked for the University of Tennessee, Union Carbide Corporation, and Lockheed Martin as a contractor to the US Department of Energy, as well as state governments and additional private corporations. His technology and information management articles have been published in many professional journals and his presentations are widely respected and well known for identifying cutting edge issues that face the information management professions.

John was elected to the Board of Directors of ARMA International and served 2003-2006. During the Fall 2001 ARMA International Annual Conference in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, John was inducted into the ARMA International Company of Fellows. In addition, he was also awarded the Emmett Leahy Award for 2001 by the Institute of Certified Records Managers, one of the most prestigious international awards in the profession of Records and Information Management, for his outstanding contributions to the information and records management professions over many years. He recently served a six year term on the Advisory Committee on the Electronic Records Archives for the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington DC –


John T. Phillips

Information Technology Decisions

Knoxville, Tennessee

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